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    NB Ventura County, CA - Hospital

    In a medical emergency, call 911.

    The nearest facility offering emergency room care is the Naval Ambulatory Care Center at Port Hueneme which provides primary care and ambulatory services. There are no Navy Medical Hospitals in the area but there are three community hospitals which offer emergency room care and surgical services.

    For day-to-day health care, there is a Branch Clinic available at Point Mugu which offers daily appointments to active-duty military and their family members. Call 805-989-8815 for an appointment at the Branch Clinic. The clinic at Naval Base Ventura County is open Monday through Thursday from 0730-1900, Friday from 0730-1630 and Saturday from 0800-1200. or the Naval Branch Health Clinic - Port Hueneme at 162 First Street, Building 1402, Port Hueneme, CA 93043-4316

    Phone 805-982-6370
    Phone (DSN) 312-551-6370
    Fax 805-982-1133
    Fax (DSN) 312-551-1133