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    NB Ventura County, CA - In Processing

    To begin in-processing at Naval Base Ventura County, sailors are asked to check in at the Quarterdeck (open 24 hours a day) in Building 1, Point Mugu site. For those reporting to a CBC Battalion should report to Building 1000, (operating only during normal working hours), Port Hueneme site during working hours. After working normal working hours report to the BEQ at the Port Hueneme site.

    From there, each individual will be directed through the proper sections to complete the reporting procedures. Bring all medical and dental records as well as any applicable financial paperwork to begin in-processing. Sailors will be required to check in at the housing office at the Family Housing Welcome Center at Naval Base Ventura County to fill out a housing application as well as secure housing and a temporary meal pass. Be sure and bring enough uniforms to last several days as sailors will need to check in with several centers across Naval Base Ventura County. For more information regarding specific in-processing procedures, call 805-982-4571.